Friday, May 23, 2014

Community Players Announces SHREK Cast

And the cast just announced is a big one, befitting a show like Shrek the Musical, which offers an entire fairytale world of singing and dancing cookies, princes, princesses, monsters. elves, fairies, pigs, dragons and bears (oh, my!) There's also a puppet (Pinocchio), a couple of Wonderland types and a Wicked Witch, among others.

Leading the cast as the big green ogre himself will be Chris Terven, who recently played King Arthur in Community Players' production of Spamalot. His romantic interest, enchanted Princess Fiona, will be played by Lisa Groves, with Jennifer Maloy and Joe MacDonald as her royal parents and Jaron Rhoda as The Wrong Man (AKA Lord Farquaad).

Matthew Henry is set to play Shrek's best buddy the Donkey, while Ramsey Hendricks takes on Pinocchio and Aimee Kerber is Gingy, the gingerbread cookie who keeps rolling along.

This production, which is set to run from July 11th to the 27th at Community Players, features an ensemble of sixteen in addition to over 30 named roles and a children's ensemble that comes in at about 21 little ones. That means you are very likely to see a friend or neighbor kicking up his or her heels (or his or her hooves -- remember there's a donkey and several pigs in the mix) in Shrek the Musical.

For more information as well as the complete list of players, click here to see the Community Players Facebook page for the show and the main page at their website.

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