Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Winners (and Auditions!) for Heartland's 10-Minute Play Festival

Heartland Theatre Company has announced the winning playwrights and plays in its annual 10-minute play festival, along with audition information. Auditions will be April 20 and 21, from 7 to 9:30 pm.

This year's theme is Class Reunions, with each play somehow involving that idea. For the first time, there are nine winning plays instead of the usual eight, with a total of 23 roles available for characters from 18 to 90. Heartland notes that the ages attached to the scripts are for the characters, not necessarily the actors. They also note that actors are welcome to audition even if they have conflicts with performance dates because it has been possible in the past to double-cast a role to cover conflicts.

Auditioners will be asked to read from the script, with no monologues or prepared audition pieces required.

And here is all the info you'll need on the winners:

AULD LANG SYNE by Dan Borengasser, Springdale AR
Fifty years ago, Blake and Jack each thought they came first in Lily’s heart. Now that they’re older and presumably wiser — and without spouses — they’re still vying for Lily. May the best man win!
2 M, 1 W, 60s.

BITTERSWEET SAMBA by Sean Crawford, Waltham MA
David needs to get into this reunion. Bad. Unfortunately, it isn’t his reunion, and Gary, the gatekeeper, isn’t about to let him pass. Rock, meet Hard Place. How will David get past Gary into the one place that holds his heart’s desire?
1 M, 20s and 1 M, 30s

DEVEREAUX REDUX by Tim West, San Diego CA
Dixon is sidestepping his reunion to go straight to the professor — stern, exacting taskmaster Devereaux — who once made his life difficult. Why is he still trying to figure out Devereaux? Why do we keep poking at the past?
1 M, 30s, and I M, 60s

HAPPY HOUR by Deborah Duane, Milburn NJ
It’s pretty unconventional to put a class reunion in a funeral home. But when 90-year-old Sister Mary Bernadette shuffles off this mortal coil a few days before the big reunion, plans are going to have to change. Welcome to Happy Hour, with a dead nun who is still dispensing advice even from the Great Beyond.
2 W, 30s to 40s, and 1 W, 90

IT’S BEEN YEARS by Scott Tobin, Waltham MA
Dominic seems to know every single detail of Rose Ella’s life, even though she doesn’t remember him at all. Better watch out for snoopy ex-classmates who think Facebook “friends” are the real thing.
1 M, 1 W, 30s to 40s

OLD FLAMES by Erin Considine, Lawrenceville GA
It’s hard to predict where you will go when you leave high school. But “Most Likely to End Up a Phone Sex Operator” and “Will Never Be Kissed” were not in the yearbook, which means Mary, a teacher at the same school she went to, and Gina, “Most Likely to Smoke in the Teachers’ Lounge,” are working without a net.
2 W, 1 M, 30s to 40s

THE SONG WE SHARED by Jimmy Holder, Milledgeville GA
Lou and Mo are too young to be swimming in the waters of emotional maturity, but that doesn’t stop them from putting a toe in a murky puddle. In twenty years, will they be going to their reunion with regrets and apologies? Together? Apart? Singing a different song?
1 M, 1 W, 18

A SUPER REUNION by Candace Perry, Welfleet MA
There’s a lot to live up to when your entire graduating class is super. Wanda once saved the world, but now she’s worried about sexist superhero costumes, which of her colleagues are using their X-ray vision in creepy ways, and whether her cape makes her butt look big. Super or not, reunions are tough!
1 M, 1 W, 50s

VALIDATION by Robin Pond, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fenton Crisp has a master plan: Bring together the people who wronged and ignored him in high school and make them pay. He’s now got buckets of money, and if he has his way, old classmates Allan, Debbie and Judy will grovel for the bucks. Grovel, do you hear? Bwahaha!
2 M, 2 W, 50s

Performances of Heartland's Class Reunion 10-Minute Play Festival are scheduled for June 4-6, 11-14, 18-20 and 25-28, 2015. Click here for audition information

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