Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feel Like a Little Christmas Caroling?

This just in! Community Players is inviting anyone who wants to sing to join them for Christmas caroling tomorrow night at 6 pm at that big roundabout in the middle of Uptown Normal, right between the Marriott and the Children's Discovery Museum. It's also just a block or two away from Babbitt's Books, which is still running its Days of Christmas specials. (That first Matisse book is calling my name.)

I've also been told that the Garlic Press will be offering free hot chocolate in addition to their usual assortment of goodies in their Market Cafe, and they're staying open till 8 pm just to accommodate the carolers coming from the roundabout.

So jot this one down in your datebook: Community Players' caroling event happens tomorrow night, December 22nd, at 6 pm.

According to the Uptown Normal website, sheet music will be available at the caroling event in case you need a cheat sheet to remember the second verse of "Rudolph," plus they're offering battery-powered candles to help you guide your sleigh tonight. Okay, I'm guessing the candles are really to create the proper festive mood and brighten the group in general, plus I'm not privy to their set list, so... "Rudolph" may not be included and you probably won't be asked to guide Santa's sleigh, even if you do have a candle.

But singing definitely will be included. And if you want to sing for about 45 minutes and then hop down to the Normal Theater, they're offering "It's a Wonderful Life" at 7 pm all week. What could be more Christmasy?


  1. I hope you saw the addition about hot chocolate at the Garlic Press, Kathleen. :-)