Monday, December 13, 2010

Sondheim's Coming to "The Colbert Report" Tomorrow

"The Colbert Report," the late-night faux news show starring Stephen Colbert, adds another Stephen tomorrow night. Colbert is used to playing off Steve Carell and he had Steve Martin on to talk about fine art just a few days ago, but he may just be playing "Even Stephen" with Stephen Sondheim this time.

Capping off what's been a great year, Mr. Sondheim will guest on "The Colbert Report" on Tuesday, December 14th. "The Colbert Report" airs at 10:31 pm Central time on Comedy Central (Channel 42 on our local Comcast cable).

I hope they don't sing together, but even if they do, I'll be glued to the TV. I suggest you set the DVR, although we can hope the video will be on the website on Wednesday, right there with the search for King Tut's penis, assessing blame for shark attacks, and Colbert's Best Marijuana Moments.


  1. I am overly excited! I am not going to tell Tony that a great musical comedy writer will be Colbert's guest....! Let him be surprised.

  2. Did anybody see this? (I caught the online clip of just the interview.) Comments?

    I'm not a regular watcher, but I believe I'm correct that he is more or less expected to be snarky with the guests, yes? It was fun to see him doing the humor, but also being rather deferential, and kind of thrilled to have this guest. And he knows his stuff. Signing off "You and me pal, we're the loonies, Did ya know that? Bet ya didn't know that" had me on the floor, and I think surprised Mr. S. too.

  3. I saw it. It was great. I definitely think Colbert was having a hard time holding onto his mean guy character. I would agree that he seemed deferential and thrilled, and I loved his riff on where the clowns might be that they were late in arriving.

    Video of the appearance is available on the Colbert Nation website.

  4. Oh, and I had to look up the "we're the loonies" reference. I had no idea it was from "Sunday in the Park." It just doesn't sound like "Sunday in the Park." But Colbert mentioned that show at some point, so maybe it's a favorite for him. Or maybe he played the Boatman in some small production somewhere.