Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Community Players Announces the Cast of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE

Community Players has announced the cast of their upcoming production of Joseph Kesselring's Arsenic and Old Lace, to be directed by Tom Smith. The 1939 comedy, involving a pair of sweetly homicidal ladies who poison elderly gentlemen, is scheduled to open September 6, with performances continuing through September 15.

Carol Scott and Tricia Stiller will lead the cast as Abby and Martha Brewster, the charming aunts who have a habit of sending gents off to a big elderberry wine party in the sky. Players' favorite Brian Artman has been cast as their one sane nephew, Mortimer, with Nathan Bottorff as Jonathan, the bad one, and Joel Baldwin as Teddy, the loopy one. Thom Rakestraw takes on the role of Dr. Einstein, Jonathan's nefarious partner in crime (and plastic surgery).

All of those characters come together when drama critic Mortimer returns home to tell his aunts about his fiancee Elaine, the daughter of the clergyman next door, but quickly discovers what his aunts have been up to. He also comes face-to-new-face with his creepy brother Jonathan and third brother Teddy, who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt and charges up the stairs as if they're San Juan Hill.

For Community Players, Hannah Kerns will play Elaine, with Andy Cary as her proper dad and Spencer Powell, Jeremy Stiller, Alan Wilson and Jim Woodward in the parade of cops who march through the Brewster household.

Watch this space for more information and to purchase tickets when the show gets a little closer.

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