Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heartland Theatre Announces 2016-17 Season

Heartland Theatre Company has announced its upcoming season, starting with the 15th annual 10-Minute Play Festival set for June 2016, and ending with Anna Ziegler's Photograph 51, scheduled for performances in April 2017.

Here are all the details:

2016 10-Minute Play Festival 
June 2 to 25, 2016

In any given ART GALLERY, you may run into old masters, new masters, pop art, papier-mâché, maybe even something unexpected, something that completely changes the way you see the world. Artists, critics and patrons may not agree on what's worth bidding on, oohing and ahhing over, winning a prize, or even calling art in the first place, but that's where the fun starts. And who knows? You may find you're part of the installation in Heartland Theatre's ART GALLERY 10-Minute Play Festival.

FIGHTING WORDS by Sunil Kuruvilla
September 8 to 24, 2016

In September, 1980, three women in the tiny Welsh village of Merthyr Tydfil wait, worry and watch, pinning their hopes and dreams on a bantamweight boxer named Johnny Owen, who has traveled all the way from Wales to Los Angeles to fight for a world championship. Every man in town who could scrape up the money is in California with their favorite son, but sisters Peg and Nia and their landlady Mrs. Davies are left behind. To pass the time before the bout is on television, they bake, they talk – and they fight – about their futures and fears and how they live their lives in this sorrowful mining town.

THE HOMECOMING by Harold Pinter
November 3 to 19, 2016

Like many of Harold Pinter's plays, The Homecoming begins with a seemingly innocuous event. Teddy, a philosophy professor who's been living in America, brings his wife Ruth to his father's home in North London to introduce her to his family. Teddy may work in an ivory tower, but the home he is returning to is somewhere harsher and darker. His dad was a butcher, his uncle is a chauffeur, one brother is in demolition, and the other is a vicious pimp. Given all of that, it should come as no surprise when menace, bitterness and violence bubble under the surface of this venomous family reunion. Winner of the 1967 Tony Award for Best Play.

SONS OF THE PROPHET by Stephen Karam
February 9 to 19, 2017

Family legend says that brothers Joseph and Charles Douaihy are distantly related to Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet. Through a series of odd misfortunes and accidents, the family has suffered recently – their father died, Uncle Bill is getting trickier to handle, and Joseph is feeling mysterious pains he can't explain. But if Joseph is willing to trade on the Prophet connection, he might just be able to sell a book, get health insurance, and keep the Douiahy family alive. At New York's Roundabout Theatre, Sons of the Prophet was called "the funniest play about human suffering you're likely to see."

PHOTOGRAPH 51 by Anna Ziegler 
April 6 to 22, 2017

Dr. Rosalind Franklin was one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, one whose expertise with X-rays put her ahead of the pack when it came to solving the mysteries of human DNA. But Dr. Franklin was a woman. A chilly, fiercely independent woman who did not suffer fools gladly. And her colleagues and rivals did not appreciate much about her. When it came time to hand out Nobel Prizes for the discovery of the double helix, Dr. Franklin's name was nowhere to be found. Photograph 51 is a funny and moving portrait of the life and career of Rosalind Franklin, a woman way ahead of her time.

Heartland's Flex Passes, which offer six tickets to be used good for the performances listed above, will be available for order May 1. Flex passes are priced at $60 for seniors and $75 for general admission. For individual shows, regular ticket prices are $15, with senior discount at $12 and students at $5. 

Heartland also offers two events not included in season passes. There's the Young at Heartland Summer Showcase, when "Heartland’s senior acting program struts its stuff on stage." This summer, Young at Heartland will perform their showcase on June 17 and June 22. There is no charge for admission, although donations are welcome at the door.

The second special event is the Mike Dobbins Memorial New Plays from the Heartland, when three new winning one-act plays from written by Midwestern playwrights are presented as staged readings. A nationally known playwright also comes to town to conduct a workshop with the winning playwrights and deliver a forum, open to the community. The New Plays from the Heartland events, which are made possible by the Town of Normal Harmon Arts Grant and sponsored by Paul and Sandra Harmon, will take place between July 14 and 17, 2016.

For more information, visit or email Gail Dobbins, Heartland's DIrector of Marketing and Operations, at

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