Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: Bananas and Trailers and Episodes, Too

There's always money in the banana stand! Everybody who's seen Arrested Development, once a small pocket of television excellence in the Fox lineup, canceled (while fans sent thousands of rubber bananas to Fox execs to try to save it) in 2006 and then revived for fifteen new episodes on Netflix, knows the axiom about the banana stand. Right?

After a long wait, fans are eagerly anticipating those fifteen episodes, scheduled to begin begin May 26. There's even a trailer for the new Netflix season floating around the net, which you can watch here in high def on Youtube. Exciting, yes?

In the meantime, the Bluth family banana stand has shown up in Manhattan and it's actually selling frozen bananas all week. Yesterday, the Arrested Development twitter account (@arresteddev) tweeted, "Today on , have your banana and eat it too at the banana stand diagonal to Radio City Music Hall 11am-6pm pic.twitter.com/d3nKgjYtSO."

The stand shown in the photo above will be traveling to different locations around Manhattan (Columbus Circle today, the 14th), so if you're in New York City, keep an eye on that twitter feed to see where you, too, can score a Bluth frozen banana. You can also see more pictures and get more info at HuffPo, who covered the banana stand up close and personal.

No, there is no indication that Jason Bateman or any other actor who plays a Bluth will be actually staffing the banana stand. Although I would pay good money to see Will Arnett in a banana suit, dangling over the stand by way of a crane, if anybody wants to arrange that. He could use some pants, however.

Wherever you are, you need to mark your calendar for Sunday, May 26, when all fifteen new episodes will show up at once on Netflix. It's part of a new strategy to blast you with entertainment and let you choose when to watch. And make no mistake -- I will be watching. Probably all fifteen at once.

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