Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Event Friday for "Solace in So Many Words"

Local poet Kathleen Kirk has been participating in events in Chicago recently, some of which you can read about at Kathleen's blog here. Kathleen has another event coming up May 6th, back in Chicago at the Women and Children First Bookstore at 5233 North Clark Street. This one is in celebration of the release of "Solace in So Many Words," a poetry and prose anthology on the subject of comfort and consolation, edited by Ellen Wade Beals and published by Weighed Words LLC. Kathleen's work appears in that volume, and she will be present at the release party at Women and Children First, presumably to read from her work.

Weighed Word's press materials describe the anthology this way:

"How can you find consolation? What sets your mind at ease? What can you hold onto when the world around you crumbles? What is solace and how do you find it?

"This insightful anthology features essays, poetry, and fiction on these vital questions. By the very nature of its theme, this collection delves into global problems such as our endangered planet and the effects of war and hate as well as individual struggles like the death of a loved one and the consequences of aging and illness. Whether read cover-to-cover or savored one contribution at a time, “Solace in So Many Words” connects with readers through the heartfelt and compelling writing of more than 50 writers, including Antler, T. C. Boyle, Philip Levine, and Joe Meno, as well as newer literary discoveries who offer well-crafted words on what solace can mean to us today. A timely and timeless book to give as a gift to comfort a friend or to keep for yourself to gain a new perspective on coping with life’s difficulties."

You can read the book announcement here, find information on the contributing authors here, look at reviews here, or find ordering information about halfway down this page.


  1. Will you be performing on Friday? I should've asked instead of presumed, but I thought you would be! Your Encyclopedia stuff sounds awesome and I'm sorry I wasn't in Chicago to catch some of it.

  2. Yes, I'll be reading at the Solace book launch on Friday, May 6, at Women and Children First Bookstore. There are other launch readings coming up, too!