Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Fabulation" Will Return...

Since New Route Theatre's "One Shot Deals" are one-night only, once you've read the review of something terrific like Lynn Nottage's "Fabulation, or, the Re-Education of Undine," it's too late to see it yourself. But this just in from New Route:

"The one shot deal series will continue next year but will be shortened to four workshop productions at the Eaton Gallery. New Route Theatre will expand our program to include a full two week run season of four shows. FABULATION will be one of 2012 full run season productions. Watch for details."

That means New Route is planning right now to bring "Fabulation" back next year for a two-week run. Fingers crossed it all works out!

Other news just in from New Route: "The August 'One Shot Deal Series' production will be SEND THE LIGHT conceived and written by Don Shandrow with songs by Phil Shaw and incidental music by David Berchtold. SEND THE LIGHT is a celebration of the change electricity brought to rural America in the 1930's. Join us at the Eaton Gallery on August 10th at 7:00 PM and experience this amazing story."

So mark your calendars now-- August 10 for "Send the Light" and sometime next year for "Fabulation."

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