Monday, April 21, 2014

Auditions Tonight & Tomorrow for FOWL PLAYS at Heartland

Heartland Theatre is gearing up for its annual 10-minute play festival with eight winning plays written on the theme FOWL PLAYS set for production all four weekends in June. A festival with eight different plays means lots of roles are available, covering a range of ages in a range of styles, and auditions for all those roles are set for tonight and tomorrow from 7 to 9 pm.

The plays under the FOWL PLAYS umbrella are detailed below, including general descriptions of the characters. Note that Heartland often casts actors in more than one role, and sometimes casts more than one actor in the same role to cover conflicts in the busy month of June. Ages given below are the approximate ages of the characters, but not necessarily the ages of the actors. That means if you think you might be interested but you have a conflict or you are not the exact age listed but think the FOWL PLAYS sound cool, it's best to come out and audition just in case. The more actors at auditions, the more options directors have.

Here are the winning FOWL PLAYS:

BIRD ON A FERRY by Blaise Miller, Frisco TX.
A couple on a blind date is confronted by a disheveled man carrying a small box with a bird inside. But appearances can be deceiving.
One woman, 25-35. Two men, 25-35. One man, any age.

THE CAW CAW CONSPIRACY by Claire BonEnfant, Toronto ONT Canada.
When Earl takes a page from Hitchcock and The Birds to get rid of a neighbor he doesn’t like, he may be hoist with his own paper crow.
One woman, 40-70. One man, 40-70. One man, 20-40.

THE DECOY by Joe Strupek, Bloomington IL
A hand-carved duck decoy could be a very valuable thing. It could be the one spark in Drew’s very lousy day. Or it could just be a decoy.
Three men, any ages.

FLY GIRL FLY by Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, West New York NJ
A young graffiti artist discovers what it means to be “something” when she runs into a woman in the park sketching birds.
One woman, 18-22. One woman, 40s-60s. One man or woman, any age.

THE MURDER OF CROWS by Nancy Halper, Summit NJ
Divorced parents Debra and Greg aren't sure what to make of their child’s strange drawing of crows at a parent-teacher conference.
One women, 25-40. One woman, 25-70. One man, 25-40.

POLLY by Ron Burch, Los Angeles CA
John wants to introduce his new girlfriend to his best friend Maureen. But his girlfriend Polly is a parrot. Or is she?
Two women, 20-40. One man, 20-40.

TWO IN THE BUSH by Tim West, San Diego CA
Some birds mate for life. Some mate seasonally. And some couples have a hard time keeping it together when they try to catch an eagle with a camera.
One man and one woman, 30-60, as long as they match each other.

WHOOOO? by Russell Weeks, Seattle WA
A man tells his psychiatrist that he has lost his beak, his wings and his feathers as part of a transition from owl to human. What kind of doctor would believe him?
One man and one woman, any age.

Directors will rehearse on a rotating schedule during May, with performances from June 5 to 29. Auditions will consist of cold readings from scripts, and will take place at Heartland Theatre tonight and tomorrow night from 7 to 9 pm.

If you would like more information, send an email to or click here to see the FOWL PLAYS page on Heartlands website.

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