Monday, January 24, 2011

One Week Left to Enter Your "Back Porch" Play

If you've been working on a 10-minute play for Heartland Theatre Company's annual 10-Minute Playfest, now's the time to finish it up and enter it! There's only week left to get in your "Back Porch" play.

This is Heartland's tenth annual 10-Minute Playfest, and all eight winning plays will be set on a back porch. The porch is an homage to the very first 10-Minute Playfest, which was set on a front porch.

And even though the image accompanying the 10-Minute Playfest information shows a bride taking refuge on a back porch, I have it on good authority that there are no plays submitted so far with a bride taking refuge on a back porch. Of course, the fact that more plays are being submitted even as we speak may mean that is no longer true. Aliens, ghosts, old friends and relatives, someone who may or may not be Jesus, cops, preachers, teachers, thieves... You never know who might appear in Heartland's 10-Minute Playfest!

If you have an idea, if you've started something, your chance to enter is fading fast. You must have the play submitted to Heartland Theatre by February 1st.

For all the other rules and regulations, be sure to visit the Heartland website and be SURE to read and follow every bit of those rules. Heartland even offers a stylesheet you can follow to give your play the best shot at advancing.

Well? What are you waiting for? Time's a-wasting!

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