Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sullivan's "Little Theatre" Needs Your Vote

The Little Theatre on the Square in Sullivan needs some voting support. They've entered HOW TO BUST A BULLY!, a musical with empowerment messages for kids, in September's $25,000 Pepsi Refresh Challenge, and they need more votes within the next ten days to make it to the top 10 and reach their goal.

In a press release about the contest, Little Theatre Executive Director John Stephens wrote, "In response to the bully epidemic plaguing today's schools, The Little Theatre On The Square's Theatre For Young Audiences On Tour has set out to write a new musical that will entertain and challenge audiences in 3rd through 8th grade. Through our audiences' eyes, HOW TO BUST A BULLY! will take an extensive look at the dangers of bullying, personal safety and injury prevention, along with strategies to avoid and manage conflict in one tightly woven scenario after another. Students will find their voices in this upbeat, courageous and humorous new musical fashioned as a smart and whimsical roller-coaster ride of brave discovery into today's 'bullied' schools. Filled with cool and electrifying characters and positive and thought-provoking songs, HOW TO BUST A BULLY! will be a celebration for today's generation."

To vote, you need to visit this page and click on "Vote for this idea."

You can vote once a day from your email, although you'll have to create a Pepsi account to vote. If you have questions about the grant or would like to book the show, the Little Theatre asks you to email Shawn Pryby at shawn@thelittletheatre.org. And you can always keep up with the Little Theatre on the Square at their website.

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