Monday, June 20, 2011

Young at Heartland Shows Off Its Summer Showcase Friday

Young at Heartland, the area's one and only acting troupe especially for seniors, brings its annual Summer Showcase to Heartland Theatre this Friday, June 24, with the show scheduled to begin at 1 pm. It's a popular show and begins promptly, plus no reservations are taken, so you'll want to get there plenty early to snag a good seat. There's no admission fee, but your donation, whatever it is, will help keep Young at Heartland going.

A typical YAH show offers short scenes performed by the actors in the troupe (pictured above). For this showcase, several of the scenes were written by participants as part of a special writing workshop offered by fellow troupe members Terri Ryburn and Bruce Boeck. Press materials indicate seven of this year's scenes came from Young at Heartland participants. As luck would have it, an eighth piece came from me. I wrote a short scene called "The Everything Bagel," which will be performed by Vicki Hill and Diane Boeck as part of the Summer Showcase. I am very excited to see what they've done with my "Bagel."

This year's collection of scenes is grouped around the theme "Decisions," with the various pieces all reflecting on the idea that "Life is filled with decisions, from the trivial to the momentous. No one knows this better than seniors!"


at Heartland Theatre
Friday, June 24th
1 pm

For more information, visit or call 309-452-5647.

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