Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Auditions for Heartland's "Back Porch" Plays Next Monday and Tuesday

Heartland Theatre Company will hold auditions for their annual 10-Minute Play Festival on April 25 and 26 at the theater, One Normal Plaza in Normal. This year's theme is "The Back Porch," and all of the winning plays are set on a back porch. That's Monday, April 25, from 7 to 8:30 pm, and Tuesday, April 26, from 5:45 to 8:30 pm.

The winning plays and their casting requirements are:

BEDTIME STORY, by Christopher Lockheardt, Andover MA
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, and a brave woodcutter's son who knew just the right story to tell to help her sleep. Or maybe they're just a boy and a girl, here and now, and Happily Ever After is only a fairytale. 1 male and 1 female, 20s

COLORED ENTRANCE AROUND BACK, by Teesue H. Fields, Floyd Knobs IN
It's 1955, and Beatrice needs a job. She's more than qualified to be Doris's housekeeper, but there's a problem. It's 1955. Beatrice is black. Doris is white. And Doris isn't at all sure she can tolerate a black woman in her home. 2 females, 1 20-30, the other 40-something

CRICKETS, by Bruce Boeck, Normal IL
Relaxing after their daughter's wedding, Emily is blowing bubbles while Richard complains. The cost, the excess, the new son-in-law who inseminates cows for a living… But what's really at the heart of his post-wedding blues? 1 male and 1 female, 45-55

DON'T FORGET TO PLAY MY NUMBERS, by Joe Strupek, Bloomington IL
When it comes to fathers and sons, there may be some big, important words of wisdom to pass on. Or there may be years of small conversations – moments on a fishing boat, riding in a car, sitting on a back porch – that speak volumes. 2 males, 1 50+ and 1 25+, and 1 female, 25+

ELEANOR'S PASSING, by John Patrick Bray, Riverhead NY
Now that Moe's wife Eleanor has passed away, his old friends Gus and Tall Glass stop by to cheer him up. Share a beer. Help him out with his house. And his garden. Move in. With a dog. Friends gotta stick together, y'know? 3 males, 50+

HOW TO WEED YOUR GARDEN, by Jerry McGee, Brooklyn NY
It's Olivia's 68th birthday, but she doesn't feel like celebrating. Not with her "friend" Diana moving in on her husband, stealing her special cake recipe, and hanging around like a really stinky weed in this garden. 3 females, 50+

TOO MANY AIR CONDITIONERS, by Thomas Mollica, Milwaukee WI
Grandma knows what the problem is these days. Used to be you sat on the porch to catch a breeze and watched every coming and going. But now… Now Grandma's memories of the Old Days – before air conditioners – are all she has. 3 females, 1 50+, 1 20s, 1 any age

WHEN SHE DANCED, by Andrew Bailes, Gainesville FL
Bob will never forget the day he met his wife at a Neil Young concert. He drank too much, tried out a pick-up line for the first time ever, got in a fight right in front of Neil Young… And met a woman who changed his life forever when she danced. 2 males, 1 45+, 1 under 20

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