Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Young at Heartland Schedules June 15 Summer Showcase

Young at Heartland, the acting troupe created especially for seniors, will hold its Summer Showcase at 1 pm on June 15 at Heartland Theatre.

Ann B. White, director of the Young at Heartland program, describes this year's Showcase this way: "Through selected scenes, our Young at Heartland members explore the many opportunities that life can bring. Opportunities can open a whole new world but is it worth the risk? Will they grab the opportunity or let it slip away?"

White adds that 24 seniors will perform in this year's Showcase, which features 12 scenes. Young at Heartland members Bruce Boeck, Elsie Cadieux, Judy Franciosi, Holly Klass, Jane Plum and Terri Ryburn all contributed scenes as the troupe has also taken on playwriting workshops as part of its program.

The Young at Heartland acting company in 2011
The Young at Heartland troupe has participated in a two-month acting workshop in preparation for their Summer Showcase. Although the troupe is usually seen “on the road,” bringing its shows to area nursing and retirement homes, as well as church and civic groups, they also offer this Showcase to give general audiences a chance to see their work. This performance is the only one held at Heartland Theatre.

Donations will be accepted at the door to support the Young at Heartland program.

Heidi Harris was the instructor for the 2012 spring workshop, with Misti Crossland assisting her.

The schedule of performances on June 15 will be:

 Chapter Two by Neil Simon
John Ford as George, Nancy Slattery as Jennie
 Can a mix-up in phone messages actually be a good thing?  

Dining Dilemma by Elsie Cadieux
Larry Eggan as Jasper, Lynda Straw as Rose  
Choosing the perfect way to celebrate a birthday can be a complicated business.  

For Better or Worse - But Not for Lunch by Judy Franciosi
Bob Weldon as Ron, Dottie Peiffer as Marge  
Will retirement bring Ron and Marge more time together or send them in different directions?

Cross Words by Julie Kistler
Gayle Thomas as Mike, Kathe Conley as Fran  
When a stranger intrudes on Mike’s daily crossword time will it lead to cross words?  

Good Grief by Judy Franciosi
Susan Callahan as Bonnye, Joy Schuler as Lucy, Lola DeVore as Jan  
Has the time come for three friends to change their routine? 

Choosing the Menu by Bruce Boeck
Diane Boeck as Edna, Judy Franciosi as Susan, Susan Palmer as Waiter  
Are diet restrictions going to make dining out a thing of the past?

New Idea by Elsie Cadieux
Carol Scott as Belle, Diane Anderson as Ellie
Belle is hearing the siren call of exotic adventures. Can Ellie bring Belle to her senses?

 Signature Dish by Terri Ryburn
Elsie Cadieux as Dorothy, Holly Klass as Barbara Jean  
Is it possible that a potluck dinner will produce important food for thought?  

Feelin' Curvey by Holly Klass
Mary Scott as Connie, Jan Proeber as Marge  
Marge and Connie meet at a Curves Fitness Center. Connie’s worried that a news article means her life is about to change.  

The Cocktail Hour by A. R. Gurney
 Ann B. White as Ann, George Freeman as John and Larry Eggan as Bradley  
At a family gathering, John announces that his new play is about the family. His father is dead-set against it and his well-meaning mother, Ann, encourages him to write a book instead.

Gadgetry, written and performed by Jane N. Plum  
Technology has opened new possibilities but it has also complicated our lives.  

Monologue by Terri Ryburn

Young at Heartland Summer Showcase
Friday, June 15, 2012
1 pm

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  1. Looks wonderful! Glad to see all the local writers as well as local performers! Including you!