Saturday, April 21, 2012

ISU Schedules a Fine Arts Celebration

Photo credit: Pete Guither

One week from today, ISU's College  of Fine Arts will celebrate and showcase "the exhilarating and thrilling talents of students all across the Schools of Art, Music and Theatre!"

Although no start time is listed yet, Nic Vazquez and the committee behind this event promise: "This full day of programming will consist of many different performances, workshops, and showcases from select passionate members and groups of the School of Fine Arts available absolutely free to prospective students, current students and the community of Bloomington-Normal!"

So far, they're touting performances by groups from the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, FreeStage, Octavarius, A&W and Improv Mafia; workshops offered by the Creative Drama Class; a session on working with light suits offered by JM Montecalvo; an open tech rehearsal and question-and-answer session with the Illinois State Dance Theatre; a display of work created by students; and what is billed as the "Final Theatre of Ted in WESTHOFF THEATRE!"

This is all scheduled for next Saturday, April 28th, at 400 West Beaufort Street in Normal, which puts you in the vicinity of Centennial East and the Center for the Performing Arts. If you have questions or you're a student and you'd like to join the fun and showcase your own talents or host a workshop, you are invited to email the SOT Special Events Committee at

Although there is no specified connection, I am wondering if some of the performances will overlap the senior acting and design showcase scheduled for Monday the 23rd at Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre in Chicago. You can scan the photos and resumes of the graduating seniors who'll perform on Monday if you want a head start on whom to watch for in theaters, on TV and in the movies a few years from now.

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