Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goldie Spocks and the Two Klingons?

Goldie Spocks and the Two Klingons
I once drew "Goldilocks and the Three Hitmen" out of a hat in a writing workshop. I wrote the short piece required for that instant exercise, but I also kept the slip of paper with "Goldielocks and the Three Hitmen" on it, thinking the idea was amusing enough to write it into a whole book someday. Francesca Moore clearly had something of the same idea (only better) since she put together a children's play called "Goldie Spocks and the Two Klingons." Which is an awesome title, any way you slice it.

Just from that title, we can surmise that Goldie is now a Vulcan and probably an intergalactic traveler. And maybe she is lost in space and trying out the porridge and/or sleeping quarters on a Klingon vessel?

That's my speculation, but I'll have to go to "Goldie Spocks and the Two Klingons" Friday afternoon to find out for sure.

This Goldilocks-meets-Star-Trek children's theater production, with its one and only show scheduled for tomorrow at 4 pm, marks the end of the season for director Cristen Susong and her Footlights summer theater camp. Cristen notes that the play is 15 minutes long, and doors will open at 3:50 pm at the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre on the Illinois Wesleyan University Campus.

Susong herself is narrating the piece in the guise of a Trekkie and/or Trekker, with a cast that includes Trinity Bornder as Jane "Whey" Muffet, Jack Courtard as Keith Klingon, Ashley Hennefent as Little Red Space Helmet, Dalton Spalding as Keeton Klingon, and Eden Susong as Captain Goldie Spocks.

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