Friday, August 24, 2012

"Truly Irish" Poetry at the Museum

Next Tuesday there will be a little reading of the green at the McLean County Museum of History. "Truly Irish: A Poetry Reading," with guest poet Eamonn Wall, will take place at the Museum's Governor Fifer Courtroom for a poetical performance -- free and open to the public -- scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm.

Guest poet and scholar Eamonn Wall will appear in conjunction with "Kirkshop the Workshop," poet Kathleen Kirk's poetry group. Wall will join the Kirkshop poets as part of the Museum's continuing series highlighting poetry with a historical bent.

The history involved in "Truly Irish" is, of course, Irish, or "the Irish-American experience, Irish heritage in the U.S. and poetry inspired by the Museum's current exhibit The Greening of the Prairie: Irish Immigration and Settlement in McLean County."

If you need more information on the event, you are asked to call the Museum's Education Department at 309-827-0428 or email

You can also see the Museum's calendar of events here.

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