Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Eli Van Sickel...

...and Ingrid Bergman, Elliott Gould, Preston Sturges, Lea Michele and Michael Jackson! That's a lot of talent right there on one day.

Eli Van Sickel, the first person I mentioned whose birthday is today, happens to be a masters degree candidate at Illinois State University, in the same program I'm in (although he's more a lot more advanced). He's also the diabolical mind behind social media for ISU's School of Theatre and Dance, including the recent project to get 500 "likes" on Facebook and then create a video of Connie de Veer showing off ten different dialects on Hamlet's "trippingly on the tongue" speech. That happened. And it's awesome.

So, yes, Eli's birthday is today, and he is celebrating that occasion, as well as the fact that school is back in session, by joining with fellow grad student Jake Wasson, an MFA candidate in scenic design, at Fusion Brew this Saturday, September 1, from 7 to 10 pm, with the intent to play "a wide variety of face-rocking music for your enjoyment."

It's his birthday, but he's only thinking of you. Pretty cool, right?

The Facebook page devoted to this event tells us, "Jake Wasson and Eli Van Sickel have been seen at various open mics and have busked on various streets around town. Their music is well loved by inebriated and sober people alike. This is their first gig together in a legitimate venue. And it's gonna be insane..."

Which makes it perfect for both those back at school and those with birthdays. Or, you know, anybody. And if Lea Michele or Elliott Gould want to show up, I'm sure Eli would be willing to share the celebration.


  1. Julie,
    I have never met you but want to thank you for this lovely blog you posted about my son, Eli. He has the most talented, creative, witty, compassionate friends!
    Eli's mom, Stephanie

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Eli's Mom! You're very welcome. I write about arts and entertainment news, especially in Bloomington-Normal, and Eli is obviously right in the middle of that, which makes him an excellent topic for my blog.