Friday, September 28, 2012

AMAZING RACE Casting Call in Bloomington-Normal

Are you the perfect combination of brains and brawn and foreign language skills? Have you always wanted to climb across the top of the Singapore Flyer? Zorb in New Zealand? Look for a needle (or at least a clue) in a field full of Swedish haystacks? Lasso a yak? Perform a bottle dance in Paraguay? Drink buckets of borscht? Ask for directions or find a cab in six different cities where they speak six different languages?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, you might just be what The Amazing Race is looking for. And they're coming to Normal to find you.

You'll need a partner, someone with some connection to you, like friend, lover, ex, co-worker, teammate, family member, etc. And you both have to be over 21 and U.S.. citizens. (Just a hint: "Seeing where this goes" and "testing the relationship" don't seem to work too well as the basis for partnerships on this show.) You can see the eligibility requirements here.

Yodeling in Bavaria on The Amazing Race
And if CBS and The Amazing Race people like you and your partner, if they think you have what it takes to pop on TV, you might be scrambling, running, climbing, ziplining, dancing, cycling, learning, eating, drinking, thinking, swimming, assembling, paddling, solving, and generally challenging yourself all around the world. The one thing you won't be doing much of is sleeping.

There are usually 11 teams of two, with teams eliminated one at a time during most legs of the race. During those legs, they look for clues, finish "roadblocks" and "detour" tasks, and try to avoid last place on an elimination leg. When it's down to three teams, it's a race to the finish line, and the duo that crosses the line first wins a cool million bucks.

The casting festivities are happening near the ISU campus in the apartment complex called The Flats, at 611 Osage Street in Normal. WMBD 31, the Peoria CBS affiliate, is holding this official casting call tomorrow, Saturday, September 29, from 10 am to 2 pm, in conjunction with SAMI. They're asking you to come out and convince them -- in two minutes on camera -- that you belong on The Amazing Race. You'll save time and impress the producers if you download and fill out the video release form before you go.

If you were watching the Emmys, you may've noticed that The Amazing Race just picked up its 8th win in the Outstanding Reality Competition Program category. Season 21 begins on September 30th, so maybe this local casting call is just a way to publicize the new shows. Or maybe they really do want some Normalites in the race, if only to keep putting NORMAL in the Chyron.

Click here for more info on the casting call. Click here to see the CBS site for The Amazing Race.

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