Friday, November 16, 2012

It Isn't His Nose That Glows: Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer at Hell in a Handbag

This just in: Hell in a Handbag Productions (also known as "the best camp theatre in Chicago" is planning a holiday benefit.

Chad Ingold, someone I knew from the Station Theatre back in Six Degrees of Separation days, is part of the Handbag ensemble. A quick story about Chad, who went by just "Chad" for awhile there. I once called him "the mononymous Chad" in a review, feeling really clever for making up a word to indicate he went by one name only, like Cher and Madonna, but he thought I thought he was monotonous, which... Chad has never been monotonous!

So it's that same never-monotonous Chad who wrote to let people know about the Hell in a Handbag benefit, which includes a performance as well as a silent auction. But I'll let Chad give the details...

Hell in a Handbag will be celebrating the 15th year of Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer with a Handbag Benefit performance on Sunday December 2nd from 5 to 9 pm at Mary's Attic! It will consist of a very special performance of Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer, along will special celebrity guests(which could be anyone from a wig head on a stick to the fabulous HONEY WEST!!!) a silent auction, open bar and raffles!!!! OMG, isn't this exciting?!?! Handbag is hoping to raise $5000 this year, so that we can afford to continue bringing you people all the camptastic entertainments that you deserve! 

Would like to help?! We are looking for donations of any kind for our silent auction and raffles. This is a wonderful chance to promote yourself or your business with donations of products and services and all donations will be included on our program so there is free advertising...right there!!! YAY! We would love to help you, help us! We are a non-profit company, so you can feel great knowing your donations are tax deductible!!!!! Please let me know if you are interested or able to donate items for the benefit and I will be happy to give you more details. don't have a product or service to donate and you still want to help? Well, why don't you buy a ticket and see a great show! Enjoy an open bar, bid on prizes, buy a raffle ticket and have a great time?!?!? FUN!!! 

Tickets are $45 in advance, $50 at the door. There will be $100 VIP tickets that include reserved seating and 2 VIP tickets to any Handbag show in 2013 (a $70 value!) and industry tickets for $35!!! Tickets can be purchased online here.

Some of our great prizes available so far are...
  • Tickets to Book of Mormon (with Suite Service!)
  • Tickets to I Love Lucy Live Onstage
  • Tickets to see John Waters at the Harris that include a meet and greet session
And weekend getaways, hotel stays, dinners, personal training packages, spa services, massages and much, much! WOW!!!! 

Still, can't make it to the event and wanna help? You can always buy a ticket as a donation and stay home and watch The Amazing Race. Everybody wins! 

So there you have it -- camptastic theatre (Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer!), cool auction items (John Waters! Book or Mormon!), a raffle, an open bar, and the satisfaction of helping keep Hell in a Handbag in the pink till next year.

Ticket information is available here.


  1. thanks, dear julie!!! i appreciate it...and guess what? i still only go by "chad"! does that finally make me monotonous?!?!

  2. The Hell in a Handbag site had your last name, so I thought you'd added it. You're still mononymous, but never monotonous!