Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Living Canvas Shouts "Eureka!" as It Paints Light on Skin

"The Living Canvas," which has ties to this area through ISU's Pete Guither, uses the human body as its blank canvas, adding projections and lights to bare skin to create art that is a celebration of the human form.

As explained in the Naked July Festival blog, "The [Living Canvas] ensemble has only been rehearsing together for a few weeks, but to see them work together so smoothly, it would be easy to assume that they had been together for a much longer period of time. The entire cast is actively involved in all phases of the production and they freely offer suggestions about the concepts underlying each of the performance pieces, the choreography of the dance movements, and the projected images that work best in each segment of the show. Each performer has many responsibilities, but when new tasks or challenges arise, ensemble members generously offer to help. For many of the members of the cast, this is the first time they have ever performed nude on stage, but their poise, confidence, and enthusiasm remind us all that it is natural and empowering to celebrate the beauty of the human body."

Their newest show, "The Living Canvas: Eureka!" opened last weekend as part of that Naked July Festival at Chicago's National Pastime Theater in its new location on the 4th floor at 941 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago IL 60640.

"The Living Canvas: Eureka!" focuses on the idea of discovery, and it includes "serene solo pieces, whimsical action sequences, haunting operatic arias, sensual dances, and light-hearted segments that are just plain fun."

Performances begin again on July 6, with 10 pm shows on Fridays and Saturdays through August 11. You can buy individual tickets or go for the a pass to the whole Naked July Festival, which includes "References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot," by Jose Rivera; "Richmond Jim," by Cal Yeomans; a "cabaret with bite" called "Beast Women;" and "Soundings: 4 Films of James Hebert."

Tickets to "The Living Canvas: Eureka!" are available for $20, while passes for the whole Naked July Festival are available for $60.

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