Monday, January 23, 2012

Get That 10-Minute "Playing Games" Play in Before February 1!

Heartland Theatre Company's annual 10-Minute Play Contest is still accepting entries... But only through February 1st!

This year's theme, "Playing Games," has proved popular with playwrights, with almost 300 plays from around the world already entered for consideration. But there's room for a few more, as long as:
  • The play strongly reflects the theme "Playing Games."
  • There are no more than four characters.
  • Those four characters can be played by actors who range from 18 to 80.
  • It would play at ten minutes or less if performed. (On the page, that's no more than ten pages formatted in Heartland's official style.)
  • The action in your play can work in Heartland's physical space.
  • Something happens. Something compelling, entertaining and altogether wonderful happens.
And that's all it takes to enter Heartland's 10-Minute Play Contest!

Once all the entries are judged (through two rounds of in-house Heartland judging) and finalists are selected, those 15-20 finalist scripts will be sent to a nationally-known playwright to select the eight winning entries to be produced on Heartland's stage in June.

If you've always wanted to see your work live and breathe on stage in the hands of accomplished actors and directors like the ones who are part of the "company" in Heartland Theatre Company, this is your chance. Just spruce up that entry, pay attention to the rules, please make sure it has something to do with playing games, and send it on in before February 1. Entries should be submitted online, through the Heartland Theatre Company website.

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